So far I think we will use Steam to chat. Get yourself a Steam account and set the other players as friends. You will of coarse need a head set to chat.

You will also need to up-date your JAVA. I’ve had problems, so good luck. JAVA is needed to use map tools.

The program we use to play is Map Tools.
Install version (18.28MB) or maptool-1.3.b84.dmg (18.25MB) for MAC.

After playing for a year we still have problems from time to time. Here are a few things to consider.

- Turn off ANY programs running on your computer while playing. Anything else running slows down map tools and adds to feed back to the voice program.
- Do not run your microwave or PS3. LOL
Use a headset. There is too much feed back otherwise.


Edge of the Abyss Darren